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Alzheimer’s Late Stages and Weakened Immunity


The hardest thing for a family to accept is that their loved one is suffering from Alzheimer’s, without a cure to help them out of the pain. But there is a way to help cushion a parent’s aches and pains and be by their side to provide the emotional support that they need.

When the doctor has deemed your loved one as reaching the final stages of Alzheimer’s disease, the realization that their days are limited comes along with it. You now have to use your discretion to decide whether you alone can devote the care and attention to your ailing parent or whether a professional hospice is required instead. If you choose to assume the role of caregiver, remember is that although there is little you can do to ease the pain that Alzheimer’s causes, you can still preserve the dignity of the patient and the quality of their life through little touches. It is also important to recognize that the patient’s immune system will most likely be compromised. You’ll need to be cognizant of your loved one’s sensitive diet needs so that they consume the proper nutrients to avoid the flu or pneumonia. Doing so will reduce further discomfort and pain since the immune system won’t be able to properly produce antibodies.

Taking care of your parent, for instance, might require helping them perform simple activities like getting dressed or eating. While assisting them, you must keep in mind to do so with dignity- they’ll be embarrassed that they are no longer in a parental role, and instead are relying on your help. Besides the suffering that you parent is undergoing, you might suffer on an emotional level as well. When trying to come to terms with all of this, writing your thoughts and fears about the situation down might help for reflection. If you feel that you aren’t either emotionally or physically capable of taking care of your parent in the final stages of Alzheimer’s, hiring an aid or hospice is totally okay and in most cases preferred. The aid will make sure that your parent is cared for in an appropriate manner, so as to avoid catching the flu or pneumonia, as pneumonia for an elderly patient with a compromised immune system can mean a trip to the hospital. In every scenario you want to avoid any unnecessary trips to the hospital and any additional illnesses that your already ailing parent might catch, and that’s why proper care is of the utmost importance and cannot be stressed enough.

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