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CDPAP – Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program

Please Note: Edison Home Health Care is a Fiscal Intermediary for CDPAP. We do not administer the program. We can help you navigate, but application and enrollment for CDPAP must go through your Local Department of Social Services or Medicaid plan.

Welcome! If you’re interested in CDPAP, you came to the right place. Please scroll through this page for a number of tools and a list of FAQs designed to help CDPAP consumers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is CDPAP?

CDPAP stands for “Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program”. CDPAP is a New York (NY) State Medicaid program that allows home care consumers to recruit, hire, and direct their own personal assistant. Meaning, this program allows people who need home care to choose the caregiver they want – including most family members –  and to train them to provide them with home care.

Do I qualify? What are the CDPAP eligibility requirements?

There are a number of factors that can affect your eligibility to enroll in CDPAP. There are, however, a few qualifications that can give a good idea regarding meeting the requirements for eligibility.

Ask yourself if you meet the following three qualifications:

1. You have Medicaid or are eligible for Medicaid.

2. Your require home care care.

3. You are capable of directing your care, or you have a representative that can direct your care.

If you answered yes to all of these requirements, it is likely you are eligible to enroll in the CDPAP Program. If you are interested in enrolling, please call us at 888-250-6127 and we will be happy to help you.

I'm interested in enrolling. Can you help me?

We can guide you through the entire process of enrolling in the CDPAP Program. Call us today to speak with a CDPAP specialist who will answer your questions and help you start the enrollment process – 888-250-6127. You can also contact us by filling out the form at the bottom of this page. A CDPAP specialist will contact you promptly. Please Note: Edison Home Health Care is a Fiscal Intermediary for CDPAP. We do not administer the program. We can help you navigate, but application and enrollment for CDPAP must go through your Local Department of Social Services or Medicaid plan.

Can a consumer hire a family member to be their personal assistant?

Most family members, including children, can be hired to provide care as a personal assistant. A spouse cannot serve as a personal assistant. Additionally, parents of children that are under 21 cannot be the personal assistant of those consumers.

Do personal assistants need any special license or certificate?

Personal assistants must be legally allowed to work. They do not need a special license or certification to provide care under the Consumer Directed Personal Assistance Program.

What services can a personal assistant provide?

Personal assistants are able to provide both custodial and skilled services. This includes many skilled services that a home health aide may not provide, such as wound care, giving insulin shots, and suctioning tracheostomies.

What role does Edison Home Health Care play? Isn't the consumer supposed to be directing their care independently of a home care agency?

While Edison Home Health Care is a licensed home care services agency, our CDPAP services are not provided under our home care agency license. Rather, in addition to being a home care agency, Edison Home Health Care is also a Fiscal Intermediary for the CDPAP Program. Meaning, we process the payroll for CDPAP personal assistants. We also handle a number of other responsibilities that CDPAP FI Agencies are required to administer.

Where do you provide CDPAP services?

We provide FI services for the CDPAP Program throughout New York City (NYC) and all of New York (NY) State. We have many convenient locations and also can make arrangements for consumers that do not live near one of our offices.

Where can I get a CDPAP application form?

While technically there is a form known as the CDPAP application form, practically speaking there is usually more to applying for services than simply completing a CDPAP application form. You may need more than one form. But don’t worry, we’re here to help you with all aspects of applying for services. Please contact us and one of specialists will happily explain what forms you will need, provide you with forms, and also assist you with obtaining the forms you will need – 888-250-6127.

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Lameisha Thomas, Bronx, NY

Edison helped my mom enroll in CDPAP quickly and smoothly. Your staff was super helpful and answered all my initial questions. Now I’m getting paid to care for mom and could not be happier. I recommend you guys to anyone looking into CDPAP. Thank you!
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Roslyn Fernandez, New York, NY

I had tried to enroll mom in CDPAP a number of times without success. When I called Edison, it was different from the start. Barry was extremely knowledgeable and helpful. He got mom enrolled in CDPAP in less than two weeks. Thank you Edison! Thank you Barry!
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