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Activities for seniors in Concourse
Yankee Stadium:

Get out of the house in the spring, summer, or fall to enjoy a day in the sun at a baseball game. The New York Yankees baseball team plays at Yankee Stadium. Taking in a baseball is a great day off for both home care patient and caregiver, allowing you to relax, eat some tasty snacks, and have some fun. Guests can also tour the Yankee Museum and Monument Park before games. The stadium is also the home of the New York City Football Club. Be sure to check the schedule in advance for special events and giveaway days.
The stadium is wheelchair accessible, offering rentals and assistance whenever needed. Check the Yankees’ website for seating information and prices. Buy tickets online and be sure to avoid long lines and extra fees on gameday. Call 718-579-4510 for additional information about accessibility assistance or ask to speak with a representative when you arrive.

Bronx Museum of the Arts:

One of the best places to see art in the Bronx is at the Bronx Museum of the Arts. The museum is dedicated to 20th century works created by American artists, but has also displayed art from Latin America, Africa, and Asia as well. Be sure to check the museum’s schedule to determine which exhibits and events you will get to experience during your trip. The museum offers free admission for all guests and is completely wheelchair accessible. They have wheelchairs available for rent and elevators that will take you to every floor. 718-681-6000.

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