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Activities for seniors in Coney Island
Brooklyn Cyclones Game

During the spring and summer, a trip to the ballpark is a great experience for everyone. The Brooklyn Cyclones minor league baseball team play at MCU Park in Coney Island, and it’s a great activity for your home health care patient. You can relax, eat some tasty snacks, and have some fun. Also be sure to check the schedule in advance for special giveaways and events.
The stadium is completely wheelchair accessible, allowing seniors to enter through the main lobby and find their seats with ease. Check the Cyclones’ website for seating information and prices. Buy tickets online and be sure to avoid long lines and extra fees on gameday. 718-449-8497.

New York Aquarium

If you want to get your home care patient out of the house, the New York Aquarium is a fun adventure for both senior and caregiver. You’ll have a fun day observing the outdoor walrus, sea lion, otter, penguin exhibits as well as the fish and shark tanks. The aquarium also has a sea lion show at the aquatheater, and feeding time is always fun to watch at any age. Best of all, the entire park is wheelchair accessible, making it a worthwhile trip for everyone. Purchase tickets online to receive a discount. 718-265-2663.

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