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Activities for seniors in Mill Basin
Kings Plaza Mall:

A great place to shop with your home care patient in Brooklyn is the Kings Plaza Mall. They have clothing, jewelry, electronics, and many different places to eat that should keep you busy for hours. For seniors they have complimentary wheelchair rentals with the use of an ID, and family-sized restrooms. The mall is located at 5100 Kings Plaza, browse their website and figure out what store you want to visit before you arrive.

Marine Park:

This park is unique because it is Brooklyn’s largest park and is also protected as a Forever Wild preserve as a salt marsh. Recreationally, the park is suited for many different sports, consists of many greenways, and serves as a launching ground for canoes and kayaks into the Gerritsen inlet. Aside from the views, guests are allowed to tour the salt marshes and experience nature first hand. Check the weather before you go. Bring plenty of water with you in the summer and bundle up in the winter.

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