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Activities for seniors in Williamsburg
McCarren Park:

Located in the popular Williamsburg neighborhood, the 35-acre park is bustling with activity and seemingly always full of people enjoying the weather. McCarren Park has an active pool facility, but is also a great place to sit and relax amongst the outdoors. The park hosts a Greenmarket on its grounds and has public restrooms available to guests. Check the weather before you go. Bring plenty of water with you in the summer and bundle up in the winter.

Williamsburg Art & Historical Center:

Located at the base of the Williamsburg Bridge in the historical Kings County Savings Bank, the WAH Center hosts art exhibits, performances, cultural events, lectures, and even houses historical art and artifacts. The center was founded to serve as a bridge to link local, national, and international artists into one multicultural artistic community. Check gallery hours before attending and be sure to look out for any events that might help to enhance your visit. 718-486-6012.

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