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Activities for seniors in Chelsea
Chelsea Market:

Filling an entire city block between Ninth and Tenth Avenues and 15th and 16th Streets, Chelsea Market is a food hall and shopping mall that has been an integral part of the New York City community for years. The marketplace is filled with artisenal goods, modern restaurants, and interesting shops. They also offer tours and tasting through a partnership with Foods of NY Tours. The Chelsea Market will prove to be a fun day of discovery for you and your home care patient.

The High Line:

A wonderful addition to New York City, the High Line is a park built on an unused stretch of the New York Central Railroad. Nearly two miles in length, the park travels by the Chelsea Market and offers many sights–from greenery to Manhattan views–for both seniors and caregivers to enjoy. The High Line is mostly accessible by stair cases, but check their website for information on the locations of elevator and ramp access spread throughout the neighborhood.

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