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Actividades para personas mayores en Bronx Park
Parque del Bronx:

Este parque de 718 acres está ubicado cerca del Jardín Botánico de Nueva York y el Zoológico del Bronx, pero aún brinda la paz y el aislamiento que su paciente de atención domiciliaria podría desear. El Parque tiene muchos lugares para caminar y descubrir lugares nuevos e interesantes, como la pintoresca escena del agua corriendo debajo de un puente o una hermosa cascada. Inscription plaques from the 1900s are scattered throughout the park and two gorgeously-designed fountains give a sense of history. Be sure to check the weather before you go. Bring plenty of water with you in the summer and bundle up in the winter.

The Bronx Zoo:

If your home care patient has a thrill for adventure, the Bronx Zoo would be a great activity. The park is a big place, but don’t think you have to make it to every exhibit because there is still a lot to see everywhere you turn. The Zoo has lions, tigers, bears, giraffes, sea lions, birds, gorillas, and so much more. Guests can also watch the sea lions and penguins during feeding time.
Senior discounts and discounts for online purchases are available. There are places to sit and rest while enjoying the animals and all park transportation, including the Wild Asia Monorail and Zoo Shuttle, is wheelchair accessible. Be sure to contact the park for any other questions you might have about bringing your senior to the zoo. 718-220-5103.

New York Botanical Garden:

Situated on a 250-acre plot of land, the New York Botanical Garden is a fantastic trip to go on with your home care patient at any time of the year. There are many points of interest throughout the garden. Be sure to check their website before you visit in order to see what exhibitions are currently on display and which plants are in bloom.
The grounds are wheelchair accessible with wheelchair lifts onsite and rentals available with a photo ID. They offer tram tours, audio tours, assisted guided tours, and even sign language tours once a month. The New York Botanical Garden also offers senior discounts. 718-817-8700.

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