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Maintaining Independence with Alzheimer’s


Memory loss, confusion, and difficulties communicating have a major impact on the ability of Alzheimer’s patients to function independently. Depression and feelings of helplessness can develop when there is a complete loss of independence. Maintaining a healthy level of independence and autonomy can promote a sense of meaning and value in the life of Alzheimer’s patients.

It is common for family members and caregivers to assume that someone with Alzheimer’s is incapable of performing even basic activities of daily living without assistance. Observing patients struggle with certain activities can cause anxiety in caregivers, who often feel the need to step in and take complete responsibility for all tasks. Many caregivers may underestimate the patient’s abilities, but people with Alzheimer’s have several capabilities. By being patient and providing support, caregivers can encourage independence and help Alzheimer’s patients to play an active role in their own care.

A proactive approach to the challenges of Alzheimer’s can improve the quality of life for patients. Instead of immediately stepping in when difficulty arises, caregivers can provide gentle verbal directions. Breaking up tasks into easily manageable steps, creating a routine, and allowing sufficient time to do things are all great ways to help patients take part in daily activities. Showing patience and acceptance will provide patients with the confidence and support needed to remain engaged in life.

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