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Edison Home Health Care Other Services

Homemaking, nutrition counseling, and medical social work aides benefit clients in a number of different ways. With availability for short shifts, last-minute requests, live-in care, and unusual needs, our aides and professionals flexibly meet nearly any need. We offer multilingual services in English, Russian, Spanish, Hungarian, Yiddish, and Hebrew to ensure adequate communicate between our professional staff and individual clients. Clients trust our carefully screened aides to perform their duties with skill, compassion, punctuality, and professionalism. Consider hiring our monitored home health aides and professionals to meet your needs.
  • Homemaking:
  • Dust and allergens aggravate medical conditions while clutter causes slips or falls. Our aides assist with light housekeeping duties such as cleaning, washing dishes, doing laundry and changing linen, among others. For clients with physical limitations or busy schedules, our aides cheerfully shop for necessities such as food, medicine and household supplies. With thorough attention to detail, each aide maintains order, cleanliness and order in the patient’s home. The home is the most optimal environment for our patients. Through these additional services provided by our aides, it also becomes “home” in the fullest sense of the word – clean, efficient, comfortable, cozy and safe.

  • Medical social work:
  • Although we are generally contacted when because of clients’ physical limitations, it is essential no to overlook their psychological health. This is where our medical social workers intervene, working constantly to improve the quality of our patients’ lives. These trained and certified professionals are among the most caring and sensitive people who work in the realm of elder care. They have highly-developed assessment and analytic skills. Our medical social workers evaluate a patient’s social, emotional, and psychological needs. They then work directly with the patient and, if necessary, the other health care professionals assigned to the case, to build the tools and techniques through which the patient learns and regains the confidence to develop hobbies, engage in stimulating activities, nurture relationships and increase daily productivity. Social workers also offer patient counseling and are always available to lend a sympathetic ear.

  • Nutrition counseling:
  • A balanced diet is important to all of us, but it is especially vital to the elderly and infirm, in order to provide them with healthy bodies and alert minds. Due to income limitations, dietary needs and rising food costs, patients often find it difficult to prepare nutritionally-balanced meals for themselves. Our nutrition counselors work with clients to ensure that their dietary and nutritional requirements are being met. These licensed and trained nutrition counselors utilize their knowledge and expertise to ensure that each client receives an appropriate and satisfying balance of vitamins, minerals, whole grains, fruits and vegetables. To accomplish this, the nutrition counselor first researches the dietary needs and preferences of the patient. Armed with this information, and in accordance with the patient’s nutritional requirements, the nutrition counselor then creates a customized, specifically tailored meal-plan for the client, thereby making sure that this essential yet often-overlooked aspect of home care is met.

    Individually and together, homemaking, nutrition counseling and medical social work improve the quality of life of our clients. With professional focus, unyielding commitment, and deep compassion, our professionals who service these needs offer invaluable assistance, enabling every client to remain as independent and active as possible.

    “Charles is not only my amazing home attendant, he is my best friend.”
    – Avraham G., 80, Williamsburg, NY