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Senior or Elderly Personal Care

If your elderly parent or loved one requires assistance with everyday tasks but is still independent enough to live at home, senior personal care services can provide exactly the type of help needed. With elderly personal care services, a care giver comes to the home of the client and provides a variety of services unique to the client’s needs. Through this invaluable assistance, seniors are enabled to remain in the comfortable environment of their own home while leading healthy and productive lives.

The ability to remain in their own homes is vital to most elderly people. It helps them retain their dignity and their sense of control in the face of physical limitations which often strip that very sense of dignity and independence. In fact, research shows that levels of happiness and personal satisfaction in the geriatric population are directly correlated to one’s sense of self-autonomy.

Parents are frequently urged by their children, acting with only the best of intentions, to move out of the comfort of their own home, out of concerns for safety, personal care, homemaking and social needs. If you are an adult child of an aging parent, our elderly personal care services can provide you with a clear conscience and peace of mind to allow your parent to remain at home without endangering their safety or depriving them of their basic needs.

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“Finding a home attendant for my mother is the best thing I have ever done.”
– Rina N., Brooklyn, NY