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Understanding the Symptoms of Parkinson’s


Parkinson’s disease has a variety of effects that can make life very challenging for its sufferers. Compromised mobility is the hallmark of the disease, which results from the death of nerve cells in the brain that are vital to the regulation of movement. Parkinson’s is a chronic, progressive disease, meaning that it worsens over time. There is currently no treatment or cure for Parkinson’s. There is, however, ways to manage the of symptoms and promote quality of life for patients.

Physical symptoms include: tremors (shaking of the limbs, extremities and face); stiffness and rigidity of the arms, legs, and torso; slowness of movement; and compromised balance and coordination. Symptoms such as these often appear early in the progression of the disease. Perform everyday tasks such as writing, driving, preparing meals, cleaning, and bathing become much more difficult with the symptoms. Certain symptoms may progress more quickly for some people than for others. For example, while one person may experience tremors early on, another person may find difficulty balancing and walking to be their primary symptom. Individual symptoms may progress relatively quickly or slowly; the debilitating aspects of the disease may appear all at once or gradually over time.

In addition to challenges with movement, Parkinson’s sufferers may experience other, non-motor symptoms. These include: loss of sense of smell, fatigue, depression, constipation, and sleep problems. Parkinson’s may also lead to difficulty processing information and communicating. Some patients may experience confusion and dementia could develop in later stages. Working closely with physicians, health care providers, and family members to determine a treatment plan that addresses each individual’s experience is imperative. A smart and well planned approach to symptom management can be extremely beneficial for patients and caregivers.

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