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Understanding Your Limitations with Alzheimer’s


It can be tremendously difficult for people with Alzheimer’s to accept the symptoms of the disease, such as memory loss, and the accompanying loss of independence and changes in daily life. Many people try to disguise their symptoms out of embarrassment, a desire to maintain their independence, or to keep their families from worrying. However, ignoring or trying to hide memory loss is often counterproductive: it can actually hinder the ability to manage symptoms and jeopardize a person’s wellbeing. Accepting memory loss and figuring out coping strategies is an important part of self-care for people suffering from Alzheimer’s.

Even though someone with Alzheimer’s disease may believe themselves fully capable of performing certain tasks, especially in the early stages, it’s important for them not to over-exert themselves or overestimate their abilities. Continuing to take part in activities they enjoy, as well as to participate in daily life in a way that fosters a sense of meaning, purpose, and independence, is very important. However, taking on tasks that are too difficult can lead to frustration and anxiety. Someone with Alzheimer’s can help themselves by being aware of their own limitations and asking for help from others when necessary. Making a plan, following a routine, breaking up tasks into smaller steps, and allowing plenty of time to get something done are all ways in which Alzheimer’s patients can make their lives more manageable and decrease their stress.

There are many changes that come about as a result of Alzheimer’s disease. Memory loss, difficulty processing language, communication challenges, and emotional changes are just a few. A big change in lifestyle and the capacity to perform everyday tasks goes hand-in-hand with the primary effects of the disease on a patient’s mind and body. Although these changes can be stressful and frightening, it’s essential for people suffering from Alzheimer’s to find ways to adapt to the inevitable challenges that accompany the disease.

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