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Home Health Aide Agency of Choice in NY

Welcome to Edison Home Health Care! Your Home Health Aide Agency of Choice.

For your convenience, we have divided this page into 2 parts:

  1. Information for consumers looking to obtain home health aide services for themselves, a family member, friend, or client

  2. Information for people seeking employment as a home health aide (“HHA”)

Home Health Aide (HHA) Services

What are Home Health Aide (HHA) Services?

Home Health Aides, or HHAs, provide “non-skilled home care” services to assist with activities of daily living (ADLs). Examples of non-skilled care include assistance with eating, ambulating, dressing, and bathing. This type of care is sometimes referred to as personal care or custodial care. Home Health Aides are usually not allowed to provide “skilled care”. Examples of skilled care include wound care, administering insulin shots, and suctioning tracheostomies.


What does a home health aide do?

HHAs assist with activities of daily living (ADLs) including Dressing, Bathing, Eating, Transferring, Toileting, and Continence related needs. They may also assist with other tasks such as meal preparation, shopping, and light housekeeping. Generally, a nurse will create a “plan of care” which the home health aide follows.  

Paying for Services

Who pays for HHA services?

Medicare, Medicaid, Long-Term Care Insurance, Private Health Insurance, and Private Payment are all mediums that may provide payment for services. However, there are often significant differences between these methods with regards to the circumstances under which services may be covered, the amount of services covered, or the duration for which services may covered.

At Edison Home Health Care, one of our specialists can help you understand what sort of coverage you may already be eligible for. If you do not have sufficient coverage for your home care needs, we provide free assistance with applying for coverage through Medicaid.

Obtaining a Private Home Health Aide (HHA)

Need a private aide?

We’re here to help. Contact us to speak with a specialist who will take the time to understand your unique needs – 718-989-1555. We’ll work to get you started with care straight away!

Locations We Service

To serve you better, we have office locations throughout New York State, including Brooklyn, Spring Valley (Rockland County), and Buffalo, and recruitment offices in The Bronx, Queens (Ridgewood, Jamaica, and Far Rockaway), Nassau, and Yonkers (Westchester County). Having offices throughout the state enables our agency to provide coverage for HHA services for areas that include the majority the state’s population.


We serve consumers from a broad spectrum of backgrounds and cultures, and we are dedicated to ensuring a high level of comfort for all our clients. To better serve you, our aides speak many languages including English, Spanish, Chinese (Cantonese & Mandarin), Russian, Hungarian, and Hebrew.

Home Health Aide Agency of Choice

Edison Home Health Care (“Edison”) distinguishes itself from other home health aide agencies in New York both in our dedication to quality and in the breadth of our services.

Edison is accredited by the Joint Commission, widely recognized as the highest standard in healthcare accreditation. Edison has numerous offices to ensure adequate staffing for areas that include most of New York State’s population. Additionally, Edison employs HHAs that speak a broad spectrum of languages to help ensure consumers receive care from someone that speaks the language they are most comfortable conversing in.

Home Health Aide (HHA) Employment

Are you looking to begin a rewarding career as a home health aide? We are always looking for caring and compassionate HHAs to join our all-star staff. We offer competitive pay and benefits, and we have convenient locations throughout NY State. Contact us today to sign up to work for New York’s #1 home care agency!

Home Health Aide Jobs Available

Edison Home Health Care is hiring, and we want you! We are looking for top staff to cover all types of home care cases. Job types include full-time, part-time, long-hour, short-hour, weekends, and 24 hours (split-shift and live-in). So don’t wait, sign up today at one of our convenient locations.

Home Health Aide Agency Near Me 👍

Your search for a “home health aide agency near me” has reached its final destination 😉. We have convenient locations throughout New York State, including Brooklyn, Spring Valley (Rockland County), and Buffalo, and recruitment offices in The Bronx, Queens (Ridgewood, Jamaica, and Far Rockaway), Nassau, Yonkers (Westchester County). So, wherever you live, there’s a good chance that we have a location near you. For details on our locations, including location addresses and phone numbers, see: Locations.

Job Duties

What are a HHA’s job duties?

HHAs assist consumers with activities of daily living (ADLs). Job responsibilities include helping consumers dress, bathe, eat, transfer, toilet, and assisting with continence related needs. HHAs may also help with other needs such as meal preparation, shopping, and light housekeeping. Generally, HHAs follow a “plan of care” created by a registered nurse.

Work Environment

Most jobs are based at the consumer’s residence and that is where most work is done, but work can also be done outside the residence. For example, a HHA may assist the consumer on a trip to the supermarket or going to a local park.   

Certification and Licensure

To work as a home health aide for Edison Home Health Care, you must have a current, valid, HHA certificate. If you do not have a current and valid certificate, you may still feel free to contact us. We may be able to point you to local resources where you can obtain one.

Home Health Aide Job Salary

Edison Home Health Care is committed to providing its HHAs with competitive compensation. A HHAs exact salary will depend on a number of factors including location and the number of hours they work. If you’re interested in a job and would like to learn what you can earn, please contact us today!