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Medical Treatment for Alzheimer’s

medicationThe effects of Alzheimer’s disease bring about radical life changes for patients and their families. Learning to live with the memory loss, confusion, behavioral changes, and emotional disturbances is a difficult process that requires major adjustments. Despite the widespread of the disease, a cure has not been identified. There is, however, a number of treatment options that can help lessen Alzheimer’s symptoms and improve the quality of life for people suffering from the disease.

            Many Alzheimer’s patients receive great benefits from non-drug interventions. Simple changes to the living environment such as reducing clutter, limiting background noise and insuring comfortable temperatures can be very helpful. Unfortunately, not all Alzheimer’s symptoms will respond to these types of interventions. Particularly in the later stages of the disease, certain medications can be taken to manage the effects of the disease.

Among the medications approved by the FDA for Alzheimer’s treatment, a class of drugs called cholinesterase inhibitors are typically advised in the early stages of the disease. These drugs work to slow the progression of symptoms and help to alleviate behavioral issues. For patients in the later stages, drugs like Namenda® (memantine) may aid in retaining independence by allowing them to maintain functionality in certain aspects of daily life. Although some drugs may be helpful in lessening Alzheimer’s symptoms, it’s important to approach these treatments with caution. Medications provide benefits, but also come with potential for side effects. It’s essential to thoroughly discuss any interventions you are considering with a medical professional to determine appropriate dosage and review likely side effects.

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