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Pacing Yourself with Parkinson’s



Parkinson’s disease effects many body systems and produces various symptoms. Psychiatric symptoms can range from sleep problems to severe depression. Physical symptoms include body tremors, mobility challenges, and fatigue. Performing daily tasks that once were second nature, such as meal preparation or dressing, can become major challenges as the disease progresses. Promoting independence despite these difficulties can boost patient’s mood and quality of life.

A major challenge those suffering from Parkinson’s face is fatigue. Even the simplest of tasks can be extremely taxing on patients. To prevent excessive fatigue, Parkinson’s patients should have a strategic plan for their activities in order to conserve energy. Scheduling activities for times when they will have more energy and spacing events at intervals throughout the day will efficiently allocate their strength. Planning an abundant amount of rest periods – before, after, or even during activities – is often very helpful. Modifying activities to make them less strenuous and allowing more time to complete tasks can also conserve energy. Another helpful tip to follow is allowing at least 20 minutes of rest after meals. One of the most important things a patient can do for themselves is ask for help. Family, friends, and caregivers can assist with chores that are too strenuous to complete on your own.

Getting a good night’s sleep is essential for Parkinson’s sufferers. Make the most of sleep by avoiding naps during the day, which can make it more difficult to sleep at night. Patients should sleep with their head elevated in a comfortable temperature. Proper sleep at night will allow the body to rest and recovery in order to optimize your daytime energy levels.

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