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2016 DKMS Fundraiser and Swabbing

The summer of 2016 was filled with excitement!

Parting with the international nonprofit, DKMS, Edison set sights on giving back with it’s goal of helping delete on blood cancer.

Over the course of a six week period, Edison Home Health Care employees bought tickets and participated in weekly raffles to raise money for DKMS. DKMS focuses on blood cancer research, treatment, and bone marrow donor recruiting. With smiles on their faces, our employees were able to donate over $7,000 to donate to DKMS.

To cap things off, DKMS made a special visit to Edison to accept their final check. In addition, dozens of Edison employees  registered get swabbed in the hopes of being a suitable bone marrow donor and furthering their commitment to giving back to their community and beyond. It was a pleasure to work along side DKMS and help support such a noble cause!

Edison Home Health Care is so proud of all of our dedicated employees who donated to DKMS and registered as bone marrow donors.

You truly make us proud!