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Supporting the Future Scholars of Mott Hall Bridges Academy

Our 2018 fundraiser to support the future scholars of Mott Hall Bridges Academy was an amazing success. Edison staff raised $7,581.25, and with the company match a total of $15,162.50!

With the raised funds, we were were able to provide 200 book-bags loaded with school supplies, plenty of school supplies for the school, a 3D printer, projectors, and IT-84 calculators. These were presented at a fun-filled event that featured music, face painting, food, lots of sunshine, and many happy kids!

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Edison Sponsors ESCOTA Event

Edison Home Health Care does its best to engage itself in the senior community all throughout New York City. Most recently, Edison was invited to sponsor the monthly ESCOTA meeting at the Covello Senior Center on 109th st. in East Harlem and happily took the opportunity to do so.

ESCOTA (East Side Council on the Aging) is an interdisciplinary non-profit organization for professionals in the field of aging and senior care, run and operated solely by volunteers.

ESCOTA brings together skilled practitioners with a vested interest in the growth, development, and availability of senior services from both the public and private sectors. Among them are health care administrators, social workers, case managers, community representatives, doctors, religious leaders, and social service organizations, as well as other advocates for the elderly who offer diverse assistance to older people living on Manhattan’s Upper East Side.

Edison’s very own Director of Marketing, Mike Mause was asked to share a few words in front of the near 40 attendees and discussed the many benefits and services Edison offers. Joining him was Edison’s Manhattan Marketer, Sim Goldberg as well. Michael and Sim spent the enjoyable afternoon session sharing their unique professional perspectives in the realm of senior care in front of the curious crowd.

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Edison Invites Guest Lecturer Joanna Leefer to Speak about Patient and Caregiver Sensitivity

Edison Home Health Care invited a guest lecturer to share her professional insights with our employees. Joanna Leefer, a certified elder care specialist and consultant, presented to the Coordination, HPS, and Intake departments, along with much of senior management. Ms. Leefer discussed best practices about over-the-phone conduct with patients and their family members, important topics on sensitivity with our patients, and the importance of always maintaining a high degree of professionalism.

Ms. Leefer also explained the significance of building trustworthy and reliable relationships with our patients and emphasized the need to always keep your cool when dealing with aggressive or irate patients and their family members, both in person and over the phone.

Ms. Leefer’s take away message emphasized the importance of how a Home Health Care’s reputation lays in its reliability and accountability. Building relationships on trust makes the important foundation home care agencies need to succeed, and of course, have happy and healthy patients.


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100th Birthday of Rose Lawson!

January 15th, 2017 was far from your average Sunday — Edison Home Health Care had the privilege to share a truly special, touching, and joyous occasion with someone very special.

On that day, we celebrated the 100th birthday of a very special patient of ours — Ms. Rose Lawson. Edison was also joined by the office of Senator James Sanders Jr., NY State Senator of the 10th District, to participate in the celebrations.
Born  in 1917 in South Carolina, Rose moved to Jamaica, Queens with her family as a little girl in the early 1920’s and has lived there ever since and has been a pillar in her community ever since. Rose was fully alert, posed for pictures, and brought her humor and love of life into every minute of the day.
Rose came on service at Edison almost two years ago. Having the privilege to visit her lovely home on her birthday and share in this happy occasion with her friends and family meant the world to us. Celebrating the gift of life, especially in the field of home health care, is a constant reminder of what really matters at the end of the day — our friends, family, and the brighter side of life.
To many more warm, caring, and smile-filled years. Happy Birthday Rose!
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2016 DKMS Fundraiser and Swabbing

The summer of 2016 was filled with excitement!

Parting with the international nonprofit, DKMS, Edison set sights on giving back with it’s goal of helping delete on blood cancer.

Over the course of a six week period, Edison Home Health Care employees bought tickets and participated in weekly raffles to raise money for DKMS. DKMS focuses on blood cancer research, treatment, and bone marrow donor recruiting. With smiles on their faces, our employees were able to donate over $7,000 to donate to DKMS.

To cap things off, DKMS made a special visit to Edison to accept their final check. In addition, dozens of Edison employees  registered get swabbed in the hopes of being a suitable bone marrow donor and furthering their commitment to giving back to their community and beyond. It was a pleasure to work along side DKMS and help support such a noble cause!

Edison Home Health Care is so proud of all of our dedicated employees who donated to DKMS and registered as bone marrow donors.

You truly make us proud!

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