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Edison Sponsors ESCOTA Event

Edison Home Health Care does its best to engage itself in the senior community all throughout New York City. Most recently, Edison was invited to sponsor the monthly ESCOTA meeting at the Covello Senior Center on 109th st. in East Harlem and happily took the opportunity to do so.

ESCOTA (East Side Council on the Aging) is an interdisciplinary non-profit organization for professionals in the field of aging and senior care, run and operated solely by volunteers.

ESCOTA brings together skilled practitioners with a vested interest in the growth, development, and availability of senior services from both the public and private sectors. Among them are health care administrators, social workers, case managers, community representatives, doctors, religious leaders, and social service organizations, as well as other advocates for the elderly who offer diverse assistance to older people living on Manhattan’s Upper East Side.

Edison’s very own Director of Marketing, Mike Mause was asked to share a few words in front of the near 40 attendees and discussed the many benefits and services Edison offers. Joining him was Edison’s Manhattan Marketer, Sim Goldberg as well. Michael and Sim spent the enjoyable afternoon session sharing their unique professional perspectives in the realm of senior care in front of the curious crowd.