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Edison Invites Guest Lecturer Joanna Leefer to Speak about Patient and Caregiver Sensitivity

Edison Home Health Care invited a guest lecturer to share her professional insights with our employees. Joanna Leefer, a certified elder care specialist and consultant, presented to the Coordination, HPS, and Intake departments, along with much of senior management. Ms. Leefer discussed best practices about over-the-phone conduct with patients and their family members, important topics on sensitivity with our patients, and the importance of always maintaining a high degree of professionalism.

Ms. Leefer also explained the significance of building trustworthy and reliable relationships with our patients and emphasized the need to always keep your cool when dealing with aggressive or irate patients and their family members, both in person and over the phone.

Ms. Leefer’s take away message emphasized the importance of how a Home Health Care’s reputation lays in its reliability and accountability. Building relationships on trust makes the important foundation home care agencies need to succeed, and of course, have happy and healthy patients.