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Supporting the Future Scholars of Mott Hall Bridges Academy

Our 2018 fundraiser to support the future scholars of Mott Hall Bridges Academy was an amazing success. Edison staff raised $7,581.25, and with the company match a total of $15,162.50! With the raised funds, we were were able to provide 200 book-bags loaded with school supplies, plenty of school supplies for the school, a 3D [...]

Edison Sponsors ESCOTA Event

Edison Home Health Care does its best to engage itself in the senior community all throughout New York City. Most recently, Edison was invited to sponsor the monthly ESCOTA meeting at the Covello Senior Center on 109th st. in East Harlem and happily took the opportunity to do so. ESCOTA (East Side Council on the Aging) is […]

Edison Invites Guest Lecturer Joanna Leefer to Speak about Patient and Caregiver Sensitivity

Edison Home Health Care invited a guest lecturer to share her professional insights with our employees. Joanna Leefer, a certified elder care specialist and consultant, presented to the Coordination, HPS, and Intake departments, along with much of senior management. Ms. Leefer discussed best practices about over-the-phone conduct with patients and their family members, important topics on sensitivity […]

100th Birthday of Rose Lawson!

January 15th, 2017 was far from your average Sunday — Edison Home Health Care had the privilege to share a truly special, touching, and joyous occasion with someone very special. On that day, we celebrated the 100th birthday of a very special patient of ours — Ms. Rose Lawson. Edison was also joined by the office of […]

2016 DKMS Fundraiser and Swabbing

The summer of 2016 was filled with excitement! Parting with the international nonprofit, DKMS, Edison set sights on giving back with it’s goal of helping delete on blood cancer. Over the course of a six week period, Edison Home Health Care employees bought tickets and participated in weekly raffles to raise money for DKMS. DKMS […]

2015 Charity Coat Drive

We are glad to announce that our cold-weather clothing drive was a success! The awesome team here at Edison came together and collected numerous coats, gloves, and hats to benefit the less fortunate. As we have seen from this past winter, coping with the brutal weather and temperatures in New York City has been anything […]

2014 Annual Edison’s Charity Event

A few weeks ago some Edison’s employees decided to give back to the community.  A committee was formed and the first annual charity event started.  After many considerations the committee decided to organize activities and give to autism for the 2014 annual event.  The organization Autism Speaks was selected to give the collected funds for […]

Edison Home Health Care Shows Support For Boston.

Edison Home Health Care Shows Support For Boston.

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Esther T., LCSW, New York, NY

I am a social worker at Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center in NYC. I first learned of Edison Home Health Care through a patient, who specifically requested that I arrange for a home attendant through Edison, given its strong reputation.
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Debra T., Queens, NY

I am writing this letter to let you know how I feel about my home attendant, Ms. Grant, who is with me seven days a week. Let me emphasize some of her qualities and explain what makes her an amazing home health aide (“HHA”).
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Sarah K., Staten Island, NY

My mother suffered a traumatic brain injury ten years ago, which sadly caused her severe physical, mental and emotional disabilities. While she requires constant care, she is not an easy person to live with – she can explode out of nowhere, lashing out at those around her, and often shouts and cries incoherently.
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Diana Cruz, New York, NY

It is my immense pleasure to inform you that my family is very pleased with Guerli Jean as a caregiver for my mom Gertrude Mercado. My mom was diagnosed with Alzheimers/Dementia three years ago and it has been difficult on the family.
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